More thoughts on career basics

Advice for Life (detail) by Laura Cave, GSM&J 2002

We recently launched the Basics section of the site and we'll be adding content over the next few months, covering some essential aspects of building a career related to art and design. Of course, in many cases you should also get professional advice, but our Basics articles cover, well, the basics, so that you can work out what you need to do next. Check out the latest additions to the section for info on...

...funding your business: "In many ways, the best source of cash for any business is sales income. Also, if you do decide to look for outside funds, a good sales record is a sign that you actually have a business, not just an idea."

...employment law: "You might not specifically set out to hire someone or become an employee, but certain kinds of working relationships come under employment law even if you don’t think of them in those terms."

...different types of business: "There are a number of different ways to set up a business, depending on what kind of work you do, how many people are involved, and so on. Before starting your business, you should take some time to consider what type of business structure will suit you best."