Workspaces: Jan Wurm

  • Image by Jan Wurms

In this first installment of an occasional series on how RCA graduates organise the spaces where they work, Jan Wurm, a painter who also teaches at the University of California Berkeley, shares her studio with us

I love how differently people organise their workspaces. I was in a painter's studio yesterday and was awestruck by the clean brushes lined up by size….  indeed, 288 clean brushes on three clear work tables. I knew I was not at home.

I tend to have whatever I am using right at hand. As you can see by the attached image, I am indeed right handed. Paint, charcoal, ink, oil pastels, pigment sticks, pastels, Conté, turps, rags--- all within reach. The floor has proven my desk of choice: no other desk has ever allowed me to crawl all over my work …

My advice to students is always to get some perspective on their work: move from sitting at a drawing table to standing, from standing to sprawling, then up against a wall, then in a chair by a window. Every different posture allows different mark making and different materials and thus different mood and meaning.

Routine keeps one working. Breaking routine keeps one stimulated.