Do the right thing part 1: How to identify your job skills and talents

Whether you want to find ‘The Dream Job', or simply be employed, Gwendolyn Parkin asserts that you must start by analysing and expressing your most valuable asset: your own Work and Life Experience (8,760 hours per year).

Gwendolyn will describe how the 'Integral Process’ - which integrates disciplines from psychotherapy to neuroscience to business - is one of the most effective ways to do this. Her talk will include practical tips to help artists, designers, researchers and communicators in the RCA community more easily create and find the ideal employment for them.

Also sharing practical tips on finding the right job for you will be Laura-Jane Silverman, Careers Advisor at the London School of Economics. In the Chair is MA Service Design student Magda Rok.

About Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn Parkin is a consultant, psychotherapist and director of Integral, a company which enables clients to create careers and lives based on what is most integral to them.Her approach combines commercial and psychotherapeutic expertise, which clients have found highly effective for many career issues.

At the School of Life (created by philosopher Alain de Botton), Gwendolyn is a staff psychotherapist delivering the innovative, ‘Career MOT’ service as well as the ‘How To Find a Job You Love’ and ‘Getting Back to Work’ programmes. Her approach can be summed up as 'finding clarity and continually making progress towards a career and also a life which really fits you’.

About Laura-Jane 

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Laura-Jane Silverman launched a Europe-wide careers consultancy focussed on the clean technology sector. Her specific interests lie in entrepreneurship and the environmental sector, social policy and international relations. Laura is Careers Advisor at the London School of Economics.

About Magda 

Magda Rok is an industrial designer, specialising in inclusive & social design. She joined the new RCA MA Service Design programme in October 2012, and is interested in helping fellow students and recent graduates overcome their relative lack of professional experience when applying for jobs in the creative industries.