Dream job webinar

If you're undecided what to do after graduation from the RCA, or need some practical advice on how to get your dream job then Fuel's next employability event is for you!

We're holding an online webinar this Friday, 21 November, with John Lees, top careers coach and author of 'How to get a job you'll love', plus a panel of experts involved in recruiting and advising art & design graduates. John Lees will discuss what 21st century employers want and how to access the hidden job market. Panelists are:

* Ben Curwood, Head of Talent & HR at Native Design
* Careers advisor to FuelRCA and the LSE (to be confirmed)

You can send written questions about job applications, CVs, interviews etc while registering or during the webinar.

You just need a computer (preferable) or a phone to join the webinar from anywhere in the world. If you can't make it we'll post a recording on the Fuel site afterwards.

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